CCell Fino 510 Battery

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The CCell Fino 510 Battery is a miniature powerhouse wrapped in a texturized, folded casing for a sophisticated feel! Crafted for discretion in public and extended use on the go, this vaporizer features a detachable power dock that can recharge the battery up to 5 times. Auto-draw activation makes taking a puff ultra subtle, always ready to go whenever you desire. The cartridge port is nested inside the body of the vape for concealment, which protects the body of the cart from drops and damage.

Customize your cloudy experience with a broad range of eight preset voltage settings and an additional pre-heat function to prevent clogs. The mini battery has a 190mAh battery capacity, while the dock packs a 1000mAh capacity to keep the smoke flowing all night long. This device duo comes in a faux leather case which allows you to view voltage and battery life LED indicators easily. Charge both batteries back up to full power via each of their USB-C ports. Two case color options are available.

CCell Fino 510 Battery Tech Specs:

  • 190mAh battery capacity + 1000mAh power dock
  • 8 voltage settings (2.8-3.6V)
  • Pre-heat function
  • Auto-draw activation
  • Detachable power dock with faux leather case
  • Recharges the mini battery up to 5 times per full dock charge
  • Encased cartridge port with magnetic connection
  • Universal 510 threading
  • USB-C charge ports (charger sold separately)
  • Two color options available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


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