Cookies Gold Banger Set

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Complete your favorite dab rig with this top quality Cookies Gold Banger Set, custom designed to put a dazzling finish on any setup. This banger is crafted from 100% quartz, which is known for its fast heating time and optimal temperature retention qualities. Enclosed in a luxury Cookies branded box complete with magnetic closure, this set makes an awesome accessory for your next dab sesh.

The banger has a classic bucket build with straight sides and a flat top for the spinner disc carb cap to rest on. Sandblasted with the Cookies logo and finished with the signature 'Cookie Bite' silhouette, this carb cap restricts airflow within the banger and creates a spinning vortex as you inhale. Two terp pearls are also included to spin inside the banger and guarantee even vaporization of concentrates.

What truly sets this banger apart is its mesmerizing iridescent appearance, thanks to the gold fume 'C' logo pattern. These details glows beautifully when heated, adding a touch of magic and opulence to any dab sesh.

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Gold Fume Banger: 25mm outer diameter, 21mm inner diameter, 40mm height, 36mm depth, 2mm wall thickness
Spinner Disc Cap: 37mm diameter
Terp Pearls: 6mm diameter


  • Quartz banger & borosilicate glass accessories
  • Classic bucket style banger
  • 14mm male joint connection compatible with 14mm female pipes
  • 90 degree joint angle
  • Gold fume logo pattern
  • Spinner disc style carb cap
  • Two terp pearls
  • Luxury gift box with magnetic closure

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Cookies Gold Banger Set
Cookies Gold Banger Set | Carb Cap In Use
Cookies Gold Banger Set | Standalone Banger
Cookies Gold Banger Set | Carb Cap & Terp Pearls