CVault Storage Container

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The CVault Storage Container is a humidor constructed of a premium food grade stainless steel and is both airtight and impenetrable by light. This durable humidor container is a great way to keep your favorite herbs fresh and tasty. These lightweight canisters are also stackable, featuring a tight-fitting reliable silicone seal that locks in and ensures long lasting flavor. These lids can even be labeled with non-permanent marker. These storage containers work best in combination with the Boveda Humidity Control Packs, included with each size canister.

The 4, 8 and 67 gram Boveda packs are scaled to fit all of the CVault sizes. These packs provide clean and pure humidification. Boveda packs are made of a simple solution of pure water and natural salt. Humidipacks are intended to be used within sealed containers with fresh herb. The Boveda pack will maintain a specific level of humidity by releasing or absorbing (two way osmosis) moisture into the sealed container.

CVault Dimensions and Capacities
Medium - 4" x 2.67", 0.5 Liters, Holds 28 grams or 1 ounce
Large - 4.75” x 3.33”, 1 Liter, Holds 58 grams or 2 ounces
4 Liter - 9” x 5.5”, 4 Liters, Holds 227 grams or 0.5 pounds
8 Liter - 10” x 7”, 8 Liters, Holds 450 grams or 1 pound


  • Locking silicone gasketed container
  • Food grade quality stainless steel construction
  • Comes in medium, large and extra large sizes
  • Includes 62% Boveda humidipack sample
  • Airtight seal preserves freshness and flavor

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


CVault Storage Container | Large Size w/ Boveda Humidipacks
CVault Storage Container | Medium Size
CVault Storage Container | Medium Size w/ Boveda Humidipack
CVault Storage Container | 4 Liter Size w/ Boveda Humidipacks
CVault Storage Container | 8 Liter Size w/ Boveda Humidipacks
CVault Storage Container | 8 Liter Size w/ Boveda Humidipacks