Diversion Stash Safe | AriZona Cans

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Straight outta' the 90s, these classic AriZona Cans contain more than meets the eye. These seem like ordinary cans to most folks when looking through your pantry, car, or bedroom. This is what makes the Diversion Stash Safe an ideal way to hide your valuables! Made from real AriZona cans, the top screws off, revealing the inner contents. Store dry herb, chillums, spare change, or any other small goodies you don't prefer to share! The lid screws tightly back into place for a seamless seal, transforming back into an ordinary object. Available in multiple flavor styles!


  • 23 ounce can
  • Secret stash safe
  • AriZona Tea can design
  • Keep valuables safe & secure
  • Multiple flavor styles available

Note: Made from recycled cans, may have small surface imperfections from manufacturing

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Diversion Stash Safe | AriZona Cans | Green Tea
Diversion Stash Safe | AriZona Cans | Open View
Diversion Stash Safe | AriZona Cans | Orangeade