Pulsar Electric Visions Mini Dab Rig

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Sip some milky rips from the Pulsar Electric Visions Mini Rig for your next dab sesh! Made from quality borosilicate glass, this piece has a conical figure reminiscent of a vase. Vapors are channeled down the exterior fixed downstem and through the disc percolator for cool water filtration. A psychedelic striped pattern can be seen wrapped around the middle, outlined by bold color bands on either side. Each dab rig includes a 14mm male quartz banger. Multiple color combinations are available.

Dab Rig 6.5 inches (16.51cm) tall
Banger Bucket 25mm outer diameter
21mm inner diameter
36mm height
30mm depth
2mm wall thickness
Banger Joint 14mm male
90 degree angle


  • Borosilicate glass dab rig
  • Conical pipe body
  • Disc percolator
  • Rainbow stripe pattern & color block accents
  • Includes a quartz banger

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Electric Visions Recycler Rig | Group
Pulsar Electric Visions Recycler Rig | Blue & Yellow
Pulsar Electric Visions Recycler Rig | Green & Teal
Pulsar Electric Visions Recycler Rig | Back View