Glass Honey Dab Straw

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Take a minimalist approach to dabbing with this Glass Honey Dab Straw, a 6.5 inch vapor straw with a singular design. However, these simplistic dab straws do not sacrifice quality! They feature built-in feet to keep the dabbing tip off of any surfaces and to prevent rolling, and they have two pinch features that help diffuse and cool the vapor as you inhale. 

  • 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) long
  • Borosilicate glass dab straw
  • Singular design
  • Built-in feet
  • Multiple color options

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Glass Honey Dab Straw | Group
Glass Honey Dab Straw | Green
Glass Honey Dab Straw
Glass Honey Dab Straw