Journey Pipe | J4

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The Journey Pipe J4 delivers a premium smoking experience for any journey you venture on. This model features a larger bowl size for bigger hits and longer trips! The exterior is also outfitted with a silicone sheath, for upgraded grip and ease of use in colder temperatures.

This pipe's zinc alloy construction stays cool to the touch even under the fire of a lighter, ensuring your smoke stays smooth and fresh with each hit. This material is also durable and shatter-proof, complete with a travel case for discreet carrying.

The design simply snaps apart and reattaches magnetically for quick cleaning, and has a permanent screen-less filter. This unique pipe never clogs- just pop it open and wipe it clean. Complete with a magnetic lid for spill-proof transportation. Available in three different exterior silicone colors!

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  • 4 inches (10.16cm) long
  • Magnetic metal pipe
  • Easy to break down and clean
  • Permanent screen-less filter
  • Spill and clog resistant
  • Travel case
  • Increased bowl size
  • Silicone sheath for optimized grip
  • Three colors available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Journey Pipe J4 | Group
Journey Pipe J4 | Closed
Journey Pipe J4 | Red
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Journey Pipe J4 | Case