Pulsar Artist Series Tapestry | Mechanical Birdhouse | Courtney Hannen

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This Pulsar Tapestry depicts the Mechanical Birdhouse design by artist Courtney Hannen.

The artwork is a menagerie of colors and textures, with hues changing at each shape's intersection. An owl poses a question to all its feathered friends, each chiming in with an answer. This design incorporates all the elements of life; earth's creatures, water's waves, wind blowing through the plant leaves, and the electrical currents that power our everyday lives. Every time you gaze upon this tapestry, you'll find new details to spark your imagination. 

Tapestries are perfect for decorating dorm rooms, covering couches, or taking out on a picnic.

Measures 55 inches by 83 inches (140 x 211 cm). 

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Mechanical Birdhouse Tapestry
Pulsar Mechanical Birdhouse Tapestry