Pulsar Pyramid Baller Recycler Dab Rig

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If you're searching for super smooth vapors from an epic dab rig, look no further than the Pulsar Pyramid Baller Recycler Rig! This piece is made from quality borosilicate glass with a thick base for stability. Multiple conical shapes make up its intriguing profile including a cone percolator that mirrors the shape of the chamber. Vapors are pulled into the perc and then through the recycler system for a cool, refined result.  Recycler style pipes are also great at maintaining a cleaner rig since they help prevent resin build-up. Each dab rig includes a 14mm male quartz banger.

Banger Dimensions: 25mm outer diameter, 21mm inner diameter, 33mm height, 30mm depth, 2mm wall thickness


  • 8 inches (20.32cm) tall
  • Borosilicate glass dab rig
  • Recycler functionality
  • Cone percolator
  • Angles mouthpiece
  • Includes a 14mm male quartz banger

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Pyramid Baller Recycler Rig | Front View
Pulsar Pyramid Baller Recycler Rig | Side View
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