RAW Cone Snuffer

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Made specifically for extinguishing unfinished cones to save for later, the RAW Cone Snuffer is a carefully engineered work of genius for those who love at-home pre-rolls!

With a magnetic base that attaches securely to metal rolling trays or ashtrays, these snuffers feature built-in cigarette rests and a large reverse conical center for putting out cones with minimal mess. Additionally, these smoke extinguishers have round tap points on the sides for scraping off excess ash.

Make the most out of your pre-rolled cones with these official RAW brand snuffers!


  • Advanced smoke extinguisher
  • 1.5 inch base diameter / 1.25 inch top diameter
  • Integrated tap points
  • Magnetic bottom attaches to metal ashtray or rolling tray
  • Official RAW brand product

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.