RAW Lightable Wick Ball

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rMade from all-natural fiber and coated with real beeswax, 100 feet of Raw Lightable Wick might not seem like enough after you've tasted the difference in your herb bowl!

This easy to use wick comes in a package made of recycled paper which doubles as a dispenser. Just pull a length of wick through the metal eyelet (about 1 ft) and cut off the length, leaving about an inch sticking out of the packaging. When it's time to smoke, light the end with a lighter and use that flame to light your bowl or pipe.

No need to taste lighter fluid when you burn your herbs! You'll be in awe at the difference!


  • 100 foot spool
  • Made from natural fiber twine
  • Coated in beeswax
  • Really taste what you smoke
  • Packaging doubles as a dispenser w/ metal eyelet
  • Eco-friendly
  • Display box and cards printed on recycled paper

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.