Pulsar Sipper & Sipper Cup Set

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Indulge yourself with the Sipper and one of our latest compatible accessories: the Sipper Cup Set. 

The wax or oil of your preference can truly be sipped and savored to its fullest potential with the Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Vaporizer. This innovative device combines the retro style of a lava lamp with the modern tech of a portable vape to provide a luxurious dabbing experience. Each of the glass cups can be used with the Sipper's auto-fill function to draw vapor hands free, then removed so you can sip at will. Swap one out as it fills up and keep the party going!

What's included in the bundle?

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Sipper & Sipper Cup Set Bundle
Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Vaporizer
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