Strawberry Glass Mini Rig

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It doesn't have to be summertime to enjoy fresh, succulent strawberries! Have a sweet dab sesh year round in the Strawberry Glass Mini Rig, made to look like a vibrant upright berry that's ripe for the smoking. This pipe has a fixed downstem that leads into the dappled chamber for a bit of added water filtration, and a leafy green decoration makes up the sturdy base. Pass this playful pipe around so everyone gets a taste! Each dab rig includes a 10mm male quartz banger.

Banger Dimensions: 22mm outer diameter, 18mm inner diameter, 28mm height, 24mm depth, 2mm wall thickness


  • 4.5 inches (11.43cm) tall
  • Borosilicate glass dab rig
  • Fixed downstem
  • Upright strawberry design
  • Includes a 10mm male quartz banger

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.