The Procrastinator's Ultimate 420 Product Guide For 2022

There comes a time in everyone's life when you glance at the calendar and realize... that 420 is in a week! January was yesterday! What's the best way to celebrate 420 this year? Is time even real?

No need to stress! Whether you're participating in 420 for the first time ever, or wanting to add a twist to your long-established annual ritual, it's not too late to find the perfect thing to add to your stash of holiday celebration goodies, OR too early to get a head start on next year's festivities.

We've rounded up some of our favorite products that will keep you in the holidaze spirit on 420 and on any other day of the year, from humble hand pipes to extravagant eRigs, and lots of other suggestions for how to best commemorate this joyous occasion.


Envision higher vibrations with some vapes

Perfect for on-the-go adventures or lowkey at-home sessions, vaporizers provide quick and easy hits in a matter of seconds. Compatible with a broad range of products including natural herbs, waxes and oils, these are always a handy device to have on deck. With multiple styles and silhouettes to choose from, these portable powerhouses make puffing on your favorite products easier than ever. Check out a few of our favorites below:

  • APX Vape V3 - The perfect choice for dry herbs, the APX Vape V3 boasts five different heat settings and an easy-to-use interface. Give the power button 5 clicks and in seconds you’ll be ready to rip. Check out an in-depth unboxing video here!

  • Boundless Vaporizer Terp Pen - Discreet and versatile, the Boundless Vape Terp Pen can be started hot or cold and activates when you inhale using an internal sensor! Capable of producing as much vapor as you can hold, this stealthy vape lets you enjoy your favorite concentrates any time, any place.
  • APX Volt V3 - The ultimate in variable voltage technology, the APX Volt V3 is the perfect choice for those wanting to customize their concentrate experience. With four different voltage levels ranging from 2.5V-3.7V and a 5-second heat time, this Pulsar powerhouse is ready to help you dab on a different level.
  • Dynavap The M - A revolutionary device, the Dynavap M has ditched the standard battery-powered vaporizer setup and traded it out for a simpler, “Adjust-A-Bowl” process. Composed of two pieces of medical-grade steel, this vape has an adjustable herb chamber which allows the user to fill the device to their liking and then place the cap on top and heat until ready. The cap clicks once when you reach your desired temperature to let you know it’s ready to enjoy, and then once again when it’s time to reheat! 


Gather ‘round a bonfire and hit some bongs with your bud(s) 

Pulsar Borosilicate Glass Beaker Bong

Essential in any smoker's toolkit, water pipes provide smooth and filtered hits and come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and styles. Made from materials ranging from thick borosilicate glass to rugged silicone, there are plenty of options for every lifestyle. Whether you’re wanting to cool off your daily driver at home with a freezable glycerin bong, or take a cheeky hit from your “dual-function” water bottle at a festival we’ve got you covered! Check out our selection of Pulsar water pipes for more or peek into our Online Head Shop for more inspiration!

  • Pulsar Glycerin Series Coil Beaker Bong - As the temperature continues to go up, take things down a notch with the Pulsar Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong! Place the pipe in the freezer and let it rest for a little while, then when you’re ready to rip, take it out and you’ve got a perfectly chilled piece that no ice catch could compete with! Check out the rest of our Glycerin Series if you’re looking for even more ways to cool things off.
  • Pulsar Geometric Recycler Bong - Keep things simple with this trusty recycler. With multiple showerhead percolators and a two-tiered chamber for enhanced circulation, this is a great go-to for all experience levels.

  • Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Bong - This ingenious bong from Puffco gives the appearance of a regular water bottle at first glance, but when you fill it to 420mL and load the ceramic herb slide you’ve got yourself a fully functioning water pipe! The bottle cap covers the mouthpiece to keep things discreet, making this a great traveling companion!

  • Clear As A Bell Mini Glass Bong - Standing at 6”, this sleek little piece features a disc perc and fixed downstem for added percolation. Simple and ergonomic, this water pipe is perfect for quick hits or on-the-go adventures due to its compact size.


Get deep with your dearest friends over these dab rigs

If concentrates are more your speed, we recommend checking out our collection of awesome dab rigs. They’re usually more compact than your average water pipe, but operate a bit differently. Rather than packing a bowl and lighting it, you heat up a banger (typically made of quartz) to a certain temperature and drop your concentrate onto it and begin inhaling. Typically paired with a carb cap for added air flow, these rigs provide potent hits on a smaller scale to preserve the full flavor of your terpenes!

  • Pulsar Mini Holey Egg Dab Rig - This “holey” rig percolates your vapor through a beautiful glass egg that’ll have everyone staring at the next session. It’s the perfect blend of form and function!

  • Pulsar Opal Marble Recycler Dab Rig - Go with the flow with this beautiful recycler. Watch as your smoke and water circulate throughout this elegantly crafted piece as you’re enjoying your favorite concentrates. The height and increased percolation in this piece lends itself to cooler vapor, meaning you can hit it multiple times without burning your lungs!

  • Rig In One Matte Modular Portable Dab Rig - The cold start king, the RIO Modular Dab Rig takes the difficulty out of dabbing. With everything you need to get started neatly housed in one unit, this modular vape provides you with the complete concentrate experience. The glass dab rig is housed in a matte resin base with the quartz banger sitting neatly over a torch compartment. Simply drop your dab into the banger and turn the torch on until it begins to vaporize and then cover it with the included carb cap and you’ll be dabbing in no time!
  • Mini All-In-One Quartz Dab Rig w/ Angle Cut Banger - Made entirely of quartz, this potent little piece shines through its simplicity. With a fixed downstem diffuser and angle-cut banger this is a perfect place to start for beginners. 


Don’t sweat it! Dab accessories explained

Pulsar Vaporizers Rainbow Anodized Dab Tool Kit in Hard Case

They always say an outfit isn’t complete without the accessories, and the same goes for dab rigs! Without the proper tools, trying to use your rig is like trying to light a blunt with no lighter.

Once you’ve found your favorite rig, grab a terp slurper set. These unique bangers have a dish at the bottom for your concentrates and use glass terp bead inserts to reduce concentrate waste and increase overall airflow.
After placing the beads into the banger you'll need to heat it up the bottom dish portion using a
torch, which come in a variety of styles and finishes and are a crucial tool for dabbing.
Once heated,
 use a dab tool to carefully scoop your product and place it onto the heated dish, cover the top of your banger with a carb cap and begin inhaling.
We also suggest using a
dab mat to protect your sesh and keep things stylish. These mousepad-like mats give you something to safely set your piece on and get it ready for the next dab.

These are some of our favorite tools for the job.
  • Pulsar Dab Tool Kit with Hard Case - This dab tool travel kit includes all the tools you need in one convenient hard case! Scoop, slice, divide and portion your concentrates any way you need to. With a hinge style lid and inner padding, this tool set features five double-ended dab tools with various different head shapes and a silicone dab container.  
  • Skilletools Dab Tools Master Kit & Case - The ultimate companion for dabbing, this kit comes packed with six different dab tools for every situation. From pointed tips to spatulas and scoopers, you’ll never need to worry about sticky fingers again! All neatly housed in a hard shell case, this kit keeps your tools organized and protected no matter where your travels take you.
  • Blazer Big Buddy Dab Torch - Durable and reliable, the Blazer Big Buddy sets itself apart from the rest. With a 60 minute continuous burn time, this refillable butane torch can reach temperatures up to 2500°F with tight precision. The piezo self-ignition and 30mL butane capacity ensure you’ll get a strong and consistent flame every time. Try out the lock switch for hands-free operation!
  • Pulsar Terp Slurper Multi-Striped Set - These three simple pieces can make all the difference for your dabs. The added surface area of the terp marbles stir around your concentrate and the carb cap on top seals the deal by keeping all the flavorful vapor inside for added airflow.

  • Pulsar Dab Mat | Amberly Downs Psychedelic Desert - Featuring stunning artwork from local NC artist Amberly Downs, this dab mat provides a soft protective cushion for all your pieces to chill on and is made from shock-absorbent rubber to make sure your glass is always covered!

Get everyone excited with these eRigs

Pulsar RoK Electric Dab Rig Group Photo | Available in Four Styles

If the old torch-and-nail setup isn’t for you, we recommend trying out an eRig and getting your sesh started with the touch of a button. Electronic rigs (eRigs) streamline the dabbing experience by using internal electronics to simulate the heating process as created by a traditional dab rig setup. By fine-tuning an internal heating element to an exact temperature with a simple interface, it's easier to maintain consistent temperature with multiple hits.

  • Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig - Full Spectrum Edition - One of the titans of Pulsar, the Limited Edition Full Spectrum RöK is the next step in portable dabbing technology. With coils available for wax or flower, this versatile eRig is ready to help you take your sessions to the next level. The simple one-button interface streamlines the process and the three voltage settings allow you to experiment with different temperatures to unlock the full potential of your product. Check out the unboxing video here for an in-depth look!

  • Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3 - At the intersection of power and performance, the Pulsar Hand-E Nail produces major clouds at the touch of a button. Capable of reaching temperatures of 650°F to 1,000°F, this palm-sized eRig vaporizes your concentrates using the interchangeable ceramic, titanium and quartz nails with ease and is perfect for hot or cold starts. It comes packaged with a compatible dab tool that doubles as a carb cap so you have everything you need straight out of the box. The glass bubbler cools down the vapor using water filtration so you can rest assured every hit is smooth and flavorful. Everything comes neatly housed in a protective metal carrying case so you can set up and dab down no matter where you are!

  • SeshGear Dabtron Electric Dab Rig - An eRig perfect for all experience levels, the Dabtron is easy to use and simple without sacrificing quality. With a rechargeable 2000 mAh battery and one-button interface, this powerful piece of equipment can go all day long. The coil-less quartz atomizer pairs with the included carb cap to provide the purest flavor from your concentrates while the additional airflow from the wide borosilicate glass mouthpiece and downstem keeps your vapor consistently cool. Click here for an in-depth look if you’d like to learn more!

Pass a hand pipe with your homies

Cool Spoon Pipe | Borosilicate Glass | Fumed and Speckled in Beautiful Colors

If you prefer to stick to the basics, hand pipes are a tried-and-true classic when it comes to celebrating 420, no matter what the calendar says. With the functionality remaining relatively the same, there’s a reason these have remained popular for so long. Serving as a great gateway into the world of medical/recreational herbs, their portability and affordability make this a widely accessible tool in the smoker’s repertoire. Commonly made from durable borosilicate glass, these fan favorites come in a wide range of colors and designs - build your own kit to match your unique style, or just have a way to smoke that doubles as a work of art. Hand pipes also come in a variety of styles ranging from simple one-hitters to sherlocks to larger steamrollers for the cloud chasers. 

  • Pulsar Glycerin Series Freezable Spoon Bowl Hand Pipe - Chill out with this freezable glycerin spoon pipe. Stash it in the freezer for a bit and when it’s time to toke pull it out and you’ll be enjoying crisp, ice cold hits instantly!
  • Pulsar Shire Pipes Bent Ebony Cherry Wood Tobacco Pipe - This classic pipe is constructed from quality cherry wood with an ebony finish reminiscent of old-school tobacco pipes. The replaceable charcoal filters allow for clearnier hits of your favorite herbs and the included pouch keeps things protected from the elements.
  • Moon Ceramic Pipe & Star Nug Dish w/ Carry Bag - Get out of this world with this celestial themed ceramic hand pipe from Art of Smoke. Complete with a star-shaped nug dish and sun-themed carrying pouch, your nights are about to get a lot more interesting!
  • Fine Line Spirals Glass Chillum - Simple and sophisticated, this glass chillum pipe features a bright green swirl accent and is perfect for small hits. The added marbles on the bottom provide extra stability so you can set it down safely in between tokes.

Keep things rolling all year long!

Pulsar SK8 Rolling Tray Being Flipped From Front To Back

No session is complete without the proper equipment, and rolling is no exception. With a wide range of grinders, trays and other rolling accessories out there, it can be a headache finding what works best for you. That's why we're here to help keep your sesh organized with our own great selection of rolling trays and other RYO products! Check the list below for some of our top recommendations.

  • King Kut Electric Grinder - Say goodbye to sticky fingers with the Pulsar King Kut. This powerful handheld electric grinder comes with a glass jar that you can grind and store your flower directly into. The motorized stainless steel blade ensures your flower will be fluffy every time and the replaceable glass jars allow you to watch your product grind in real-time so you can keep it at your preferred consistency. The 1000 mAh battery also makes sure you aren’t searching for the nearest outlet everytime you need to grind.

  • Pulsar SK8 Series Tray Kits + Grinders - The Pulsar SK8 Series lets you shred on another level. The SK8 Tray comes with “dual-kick” edges for added rolling space and a deep tray across the bottom for increased storage capacity, similar to a traditional skateboard deck. With multiple beautiful tray and magnetic lid designs available you can stay on your grind and keep your sesh secure. Pair this with the SK8 Grinder for perfectly-cut flower every time.
  • RAW Bamboo Six Shooter Cone Filler - We’ll be “blunt”, sometimes rolling can be quite time consuming and laborious, but this Six Shooter Cone Filler from RAW changes all of that! Capable of filling and packing one to six cones at a time, this simple device takes the hassle out of rolling so you don’t have to spend unnecessary time getting set up for the next sesh! Fill the top with your herb of choice, cap it, and bang on a hard surface to load up your cones. Comes in Kingsize and 1¼”.

  • Kush Cones Terpene Infused Hemp Cones - Full of flavor, not filler, these Terpene Infused Hemp Cones are made from a tobacco-free solution and are 100% nicotine free. Available in multiple tasty flavors and as single packs or full boxes, these slow-burning cones are sure to satisfy even the most stubborn of smokers!

 Canna get an amen for this sweet gear?

Pulsar Watchful Shrooms Cozy Fleece Throw Blanket

Even those who aren’t too keen on the green can stay festive for 420. Show your support with comfy Pulsar hoodies and beautiful tapestries. Or, if you want to eat your greens rather than smoke them there’s always butter infusers to add that special seasoning to any dish! 

  • Pulsar Pullover Hoodie | Trippin’ by Julian Akbar - Soft and stylish, the Pulsar Pullover Hoodie is the coziest choice for any scenario. Whether you’re smoking from your living room or out in the elements this hoodie will keep you looking cool and staying warm 24/7!
  • ThreadHeads Tie-Dye Hemp Leaf Tapestry - Made in Nepal, this stunning tapestry features a funky hemp leaf design overtop a beautiful rainbow spiral which is sure to brighten up any space.
  • Herbal Chef Stovetop and Electric Butter Infusers - The Pulsar Herbal Chef Butter Infusers are the perfect sous-chef for anyone looking to make some tasty 420 treats! The stovetop version comes in three sizes ranging from 1 to 4 sticks and is shaped like a regular coffee pot to keep it inconspicuous. If you’re looking for something bigger check out the electric version that can hold up to 5 cups of butter, oil or tincture and infuse in as little as 30 minutes.
  • ThreadHeads Hemp Black Rasta Striped Backpack - Store all your essentials in this trendy rasta themed bag from ThreadHeads. With two front snap pockets and a roomy inner compartment with a laptop sleeve you’ll have plenty of room for all kinds of activities!

How are YOU getting ready for 420 this year? Did you plan ahead or get caught off guard by the calendar? Are there any go-to products in your repertoire that we missed? Let us know in the comments below and tell us how you'll #EnjoyHigherCulture this year!

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