Pulsar Beaker Bongs


Beaker bongs are a great classic water pipe design for all smokers. The pipe’s well built design, including thick and durable glass and a wide stable base, lends itself to its broad popularity.

The wide base means that the pipe stays well balanced and is less prone to being knocked over than other designs. Thick glass means that the pipe will be able to withstand minor stresses better than generic cheap glass bongs.

While the basic design of a beaker bong consists of its iconic beaker base, extended neck, ice catcher and removable downstem, glassblowers have embellished the design in a variety of different ways. You can now find a beaker base in combination with multiple built-in percs in a quest to provide you with smooth and cool hits. 

You can find a variety of classic and embellished beakers in our offerings. Browse below to see our full collection of Pulsar brand beaker bongs.

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