Pulsar Recycler Tube Bong

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For larger rips and smoother hits, check out the Pulsar Recycler Tube Bong! This pipe is made from quality borosilicate glass with a wide base to support its large height. Smoke travels down the exterior fixed downstem into the disc percolator for the first level of water filtration. A recycler system rapidly cycles water and smoke together for the ultimate purification, and a 3 pinch ice catcher is available for an icy cool finish. Each bong includes a matching 14mm male herb slide with a funky horn handle. Multiple color accent options are available.


  • 15 inches (38.1cm) tall
  • Borosilicate glass bong
  • Straight tube body
  • Recycler functionality
  • Disc percolator
  • 3 pinch ice catcher
  • Includes a matching 14mm male herb slide
  • Multiple colors available

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar Recycler Tube Bong | Group
Pulsar Recycler Tube Bong | Black
Pulsar Recycler Tube Bong | Pink
Pulsar Recycler Tube Bong | Green

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