Dab Straws & Vessels

We offer a wide variety of vapor straws and dab vessels for your waxy concentrate needs. Concentrate straws are a slimmed down version of a dab rig that come with or without a water filtering percolation chamber and make for an excellent portable option. For full functionality, use in combination with a dab torch and a concentrate dish. Similar to a dab rig nail, you heat up the tip, contact it with your dab in the concentrate dish and then "sip" the vapor as if you are drinking a liquid from a straw.

Similar to a Nectar Collector, our Vapor Vessels are a water-filtering version of a dab straw with a built in perc chamber. Most have a removable tip so you can switch between a titanium or quartz version depending on what you prefer.

Made with glass or quartz and incorporate a variety of vapor cooling percolators. Free shipping on all orders over $20!

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