Hocus Smoke-us


Some people just celebrate Halloween, but a select few embrace the witchy, eerie, spoopy vibes 24/7/365.

...And an even more select few enhance that magical ambiance by being a human fog machine. More like Halloweed, am I right? 

Whether or not you laughed at that low-tier joke - we see you, stoner goths - we've got what you need to make every night... a dank and stone-y night. More goth than stoner, or just love fall's best holiday? We gotchu, boo. Let Pulsar help you live your best "every day is Halloween!" life.

Pumpkin spice up your setup with some quirky or creepy glass. Keep things sweet with a candy-striped piece. Say "toke or treat!" and treat yourself to some of the memento mori-esque swag or gear from Pulsar's own Artist Series.

Or just bring some everyday magic into your space, no matter the season. 🪄✨🔮

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