Pulsar H2O Vaporizer & Dab Rig Bundle

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Treat yourself to a dynamic duo of high-powered vapor combined with the smoothest water filtration!

With the Pulsar H2O Vaporizer & Dab Rig Bundle, you get to choose from 4 of our best-selling vaporizer models that include water pipe adapters; these handy vapes can be used conveniently on the go as standalone units or attached to a rig's joint connection for an ultra-cool hit with every inhale. This bundle also includes a dab rig of your choice, and with a whopping 15 different options, there's a rig that's just right for everyone!

Pulsar Gigi H2O Cartridge Vaporizer

Pulsar GiGi H2O 510 Battery
While maintaining its discreet portable size, this upgraded model of the GiGi is made to work with 510 oil cartridges. The simple design is easy to use while still providing potent results. Its stealthy 2 inch tall stature makes this vaporizer number 1 in "stashability", too!

Two cartridges are better than one, and the DuploCart is here to prove it! This vape packs a punch, offering unrivaled versatility at the touch of a button. Choose between firing up one, the other, or both cartridges at the same time for maximum power. It's also equipped with 4 heat settings and pre-heat functionality.
Pulsar Barb Flower Dry Herb Vaporizer
All the potency of a big ol' bong rip, packed into a portable device. The Barb Flower utilizes a stainless steel pancake coil for combustion style heating without the use of butane. This keeps your herbs tasting fresh while maximizing the smoke output. Its adjustable heat range and airflow control capabilities help fine tune your toking power.
Pulsar DL Wax Vape Bar - Coming Soon!
The latest addition to the Pulsar DL Series is no less impressive than the rest, packed with exciting new upgrades in the same sleek exterior. This model has been cleverly converted to handle concentrates while maintaining its fan-favorite disposable vape bar disguise. Its ceramic-lined atomizer provides even heating and pristine flavors, while a convenient dab tool is nested inside for loading on the go. Toggle between the 3 voltage settings easily with the single button and digital display screen.

Additional Dab Rig Information:

These Pulsar Dab Rigs are all blown from top-quality clear borosilicate glass and include a 14mm male quartz banger. For more information on each of the designs, see the links below.

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Pulsar H2O Vaporizer & Dab Rig Bundle
Pulsar Crystal Ball Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Chalice Dab Rig
Pulsar Divine Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Super Ball Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Enchanted Klein Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Opposed Cones Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar King Jellyfish Dab Rig
Pulsar Tea Pot Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Scientific Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Travel Buddy Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Emergence Hourglass Recycler Rig
Pulsar Ascending Orb Dab Rig
Pulsar Pyramid Baller Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Kicked Back Recycler Dab Rig
Pulsar Hexadic 6 Arm Recycler Dab Rig

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