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Revelry Supply has created a line of products for all the traveling tree lovers out there who want their gear to be noticed for the --ahem-- *right* reasons.

The Revelry team is a family of surfers, skaters, and outdoor enthusiasts based in Santa Cruz, California. In a land where the beach meets the redwoods, they make some modern day magic happen.

Smell-proof magic, to be precise.

The founders of this company thought customers shouldn’t have to compromise on quality or style for superior smell-containing functionality, so they proved it.

Revelry bags use quality materials and construction techniques to make products that are durable and discreet. They focus on simple, classic designs with genuine leather detailing and real metal accents to, in their words, “create products we actually want to use”.

The company’s product line ranges from everyday small bags and rolling kits to backpacks for excursions, with a large selection of finishes to suit your style. Many are also outfitted with a lockable, waterproof zipper for an added layer of security for all your stashables.

Each Revelry Supply bag is constructed with a nylon or cotton canvas exterior that has a heavy duty rubberized backing. Although this layer is invisible from the outside, it works as the first line of defense to odor containment and water resistance. The carbon filter system has 3 separate layers: two outer white layers composed of synthetic filters and a middle layer made with activated charcoal. These layers team up to create a filtration system that prevents any smells from escaping. The twill lining may look solely cosmetic, but it plays a key role in protecting the filter system from wear and tear during use. This improves the overall longevity of the bag and gives the inside a clean, inconspicuous look.

Shop our Revelry goods to find a product that fits your aesthetic, so you can travel with your favorite pieces and some peace of mind.

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