Blazy Susan Rose Wraps

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Roll yourself a bouquet of blunts with the Blazy Susan Rose Wraps! Made from wood-based papers infused with rose extract, these wraps provide you with a floral herbaceous smoking experience that will make you swoon. Easy to fill and roll, the wraps will adhere after you’re done rolling by applying moisture to the paper along the area you want to fuse together, no gum line needed! This product is proudly vegan and guaranteed to burn slow; take time to stop and smell the roses with these sweet wraps today!

Full boxes contain 25 pouches; each pouch is resealable and contains 2 individual wraps.

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


Blazy Susan Rose Wraps | 25 Piece Box
Blazy Susan Rose Wraps | 2 Pack Pouch
Blazy Susan Rose Wraps | Pouch Back

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