The PowerHitter Smoking System | 2 Sizes

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Make the most of your anything you roll up with the PowerHitter Smoking System! The original model made in the 1970's has been brought back by popular demand. These devices are made for smoking rolled dry herb without having to make mouth contact. Insert your roll into the cap, screw it onto the bottle, cover the carb hole and squeeze for a concentrated milky-white stream of smoke. It's that easy!

This product is available in two different models: the original PowerHitter is designed for use with standard pre-rolls and joints while the Blunt Blaster has a longer size optimized for blunts.


  • PowerHitter measures 7.25 inches (18.4 cm) tall
  • Blunt Blaster measures 10.25 inches (26.03cm) tall
  • Flexible plastic construction
  • Smokes joints, blunts, and more!
  • Great for parties

Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


The PowerHitter Smoking System | OG Model
The PowerHitter Smoking System | Blunt Blaster
The PowerHitter Smoking System | Open View

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