At Pulsar, vaporizers are what we are known for. We continue to design, develop and deliver exclusive, leading edge vaporizers that customers know and trust. Besides our flagship line, the APX Family, we also carry a variety of vaporizers for a range of different needs. You can find the following vape types in this collection:

Thick Oil Batteries are a portable vape base that work in conjunction with a pre-filled tank containing thick oils or CBD oil. Most units fit in the palm of your hand for discretion and portability. These batteries have a rechargeable lithium ion battery that last all day and most activate only when you inhale so you don't have to worry about fiddling with any buttons. Check out our ReMEDi line of thick oil vapes. 

Wax Vapes are used with a variety of concentrates including shatter, badder, terp sauce and others. The APX Wax and Volt models are our most popular units but also check out the Barb Fire which is built like a tank and it performs. Pick up some extra coils to keep you going since they do wear out eventually from numerous heating cycles.

Dry Herb vapes are used with your finest unadulterated legal dry herbs. These portable travel units have a convection heating chamber that heats the material to a temperature that causes vaporization of trichomes but well below temps for combustion. Our APX and Flow models are very popular and have many great reviews.

eNails are an electronic nail that are used with a dab rig and without the need for a torch. An electronic control box connects to a specially designed nail with a metal heating coil. Using the control box, you can dial in the temperature that you prefer and it will heat up the nail. You can then continue with your dab session like you normally would. The great benefit of an eNail is that you have a consistent heat which allows you to do low temperature dabs for preserving your terpenes and getting a better flavor. The nail only cools down when you want it to so you do not have to rush to finish your session. Our Axial eNail design efficiently heats more surface area of a nail than a traditional heating coil for the best dabbing experience.

Dab Straws - While they are not a vaporizer per say, they do vaporize concentrates. These devices are much like a dab rig. You heat up the tip and touch it to your concentrate and then "sip" the vapor like you are drinking out of a straw. A perfect options for doing portable dabs in style.

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