Bear Quartz Banger | Bear Slurper

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Bear Quartz is known for their high quality quartz bangers, crafted with intention and designed for delightful dabbing. The Bear Slurper Banger has a standard slurper style and straight sides. Slitted openings on the base of the dish allow airflow into the banger, while a marble carb cap set is preferable to use for proper restriction. Once the concentrate melts, this innovative design will cause your oil to "slurp" up the banger walls for vaporization.

Each banger has the signature Bear Quartz logo etched onto the joint connection. 45 degree and 90 degree joint angles are available in 10mm and 14mm joint connection sizes.

Banger Dimensions: 22mm outer diameter, 19mm inner diameter, 58mm height, 56mm depth, 3mm wall thickness, 35mm dish diameter

Check out the Marble Cap Set and the Pillar Cap Set (sold separately) to use with this banger, or bundle and save with the Banger & Marble Set!


  • Bear Quartz Bear Slurper Banger
  • Quality quartz construction
  • Terp slurper design
  • Straight sides
  • Slitted openings in dish
  • Beveled top
  • Full weld
  • 45 degree & 90 degree joint angles available
  • 10mm & 14mm joint connection sizes available

                Disclaimer Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.


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                Bear Quartz Banger | Bear Slurper | 45 Degree Joint Angle
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