From Green Wednesday To New Year's: A Holiday Survival Guide

A plateful of hemp flower nugs, with an arrow pointing to it from the left. Text on the image says Pulsar Presents holiday survival guide: Green Wednesday."

The fall and winter holidays are almost upon us! Never fear, Pulsar's got your back with a few holiday survival tips.

For millions of stoners across the US, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving goes by another name - Green Wednesday. Sales of cannabis on November 23rd (or thereabouts) are the second-highest of the year, second only to everyone’s favorite green holiday, 4/20.

Much of this can be attributed to the increase in stress that the holidays can often bring, especially in medical patients who may already struggle with anxiety and depression, when the chaos of the holidays can easily start to become overwhelming. So, from the end of November to the beginning of January, when your least favorite aunt asks why you don’t have kids yet, it's a good time to take a walk with some trusted cousins.

Black & white illustration of two people, seen from behind, walking down the sidewalk. Their heads are mostly obscured by vapor clouds.

For any celebration or misadventure, you gotta have the right gear.

Grinders, papers, and a lighter are the bare minimum for success and absolute essentials for your Green Wednesday - or any family holiday survival plan - shopping list. Getting your herbal goodness prepared for consumption, rolled up safe and snug, and lit up for enjoyment are foundational if what you need is minimum fuss, maximum impact. These are some of the best options Pulsar offers, with plenty of spark for whatever you have in mind this holiday season.

Santa Cruz Shredder small metal grinders in different colors
Santa Cruz Shredder. This tiny powerhouse uses a strong, rare earth magnetic closure and Santa Cruz's patented shredding tooth design. This three-piece grinder is affordable, easy to carry, and easy to use! The patented tooth design is perfect for evenly shredding flower material, and at about 1.5 inches wide it’s the perfect discrete way to get ready to roll.
RAW Black rolling papers, one booklet of 1 1/4 inch size papers,
RAW Black Classic Rolling Papers. These rolling papers are unique, unbleached, and artisan-made. They are double-pressed and extra-fine for the thinnest ever made! Classic no-frills rolling papers, these classics are perfect for rolling up on the go.
Pulsar Zippo lighter with MrOw design from Courtney Hannen
Pulsar Zippo Lighter | MrOw. This unique Zippo is guaranteed to light you up under any of the windy fall conditions you might find and features amazing art from Pulsar’s featured artist Courtney Hannen.

Of course, one of the key elements for holiday toking is discretion.

With younger siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews running around left and right, you don’t want to set a bad example for the little ones, and you DEFINITELY don’t want your nosy Uncle Carl catching wind of what you’re up to.

An illustration of a snooty older white man in a suit sneering judgmentally while sitting at a table with food.

There are ultimately two components to pulling off a successful stress release at your next family gathering: Stealth and concealment.

Step one in your Green Wednesday plan is ensuring you can get your green supplies in and out without attracting too much unwanted attention.

For the stealth part of your plan, the smaller and more concealable, the better for your chosen consumption method. For those who need a little extra for themselves, or something to share with their favorite (21+!) cousins, a small pipe can be easy to stow away and bring anywhere you can go.

It's a surprise tool that will help us later meme about tiny pipes

make an excellent choice for those who just need to step out for a quick hit or two. For heavy-duty needs, small cartridge vapes are perfect for quiet and discrete hits when you don’t have the opportunity to step out and away.


The Pulsar RIP Series Ringer Dugout Kit shown from multiple angles and in several colorways

The Pulsar RIP Series Ringer is an entire dugout kit practically made with the stealthy, on-the-go stoner in mind. You can smoke, you can dab, and you can even stash your... uh, stash... in the on-board storage compartments. Food-grade silicone construction means less stress when it comes to breakage - all the glass components are safely secured in their own lil nooks and/or crannies. :')

 When it comes to small pipes with a big -for their size - payoff, most Pulsar chillums will do the trick!

Several Pulsar chillums in smoke-colored glass repeated to make an interesting design

As one user says, "All chillums are crucial," and for them, the Ball Chillum "come[s] in the clutch whenever needed." Reviewers also love the Infinity One-Hitter for its bowl capacity, and the Stacked Trippy Chillum's built-in ash catcher is a nice feature in a tiny pipe. Although shown in smoke-colored glass options above (for the cool goth kids), they all come in plenty of other colors too. At least, for now... 

A rainbow-hued circle of THC Molecule Taster Bats and lidded Gem Filter Glass Chillums

Speaking of color, you can't go wrong with the THC Molecule Taster Bat, complete with its own cleaning brush. No way is random detritus gonna give you away if you give this one-hitter a few quick swipes when you helpfully take out the trash. Another great way to avoid leaving evidence is the Gem Filter Glass Chillum. The colorful gems serve as an ash catcher, and the included screw-on cap keeps your herb contained. Not only is this chillum super discreet, it's also shockingly affordable. 

The Genius Pipe shown at an angle.

The Genius Pipe, with its sleek lines and low profile, will make you feel like a genius for getting one over on your pesky relatives. Who's got eyes in the back of their head now, huh?

A squared-off worked glass spoon-style pipe from Pulsar's online headshop.

Squared Glass Spoon Pipe | Blue Cloud Twist. At only 3 inches long, this pocket-sized pipe is perfect for those craving the smooth and sweet hit that glass pipes provide, with enough space to pack a bowl to share with other scoundrels of the family. Especially if you're more comfortable with spoon-style pipes, this one will fit snugly in a coat pocket or purse, and make your family walk a breeze.

A wooden dugout with a cool inlaid wood design
Not so much into silicone? Check out the Wood Dugout with a Horizon Woodworked Design. Also coming in at only 3 inches, this handy and gorgeous wooden dugout is perfect for the loner stoner who just needs to step out for a quick toke before getting in line for some of Grandma’s turkey and green beans. Both distinct and discrete, it’ll cure what ails ya, and features an included metal taster within a convenient spring-loaded chamber.
2022's breakout hit, the Pulsar 510 DL, in all its available colorways

Pulsar 510 DL. Keep it down-low and discreet when your 9-year old cousin asks what you have in your hand. This cartridge vape looks like your standard nicotine pod vape, so you can hang out on the porch without fear. Well, unless your family is like mine and frowns on vaping nicotine too. But, it’s better than them knowing the truth!

Pulsar DuploCart and GiGi cartridge vapes side by side, but image is not to scale.

For other lowkey vapes, check out the GiGi (it's less than 2.5" tall!) or the DuploCart. The latter is a little bigger, but still pocket-sized, and you can fire two carts at once! Which means, of course, a bigger hit while still plausibly "just using the bathroom." For more versatile post-holiday use, upgrade to the H2O version of either.

Revelry Supply Smell Proof Rolling Kit in 3 different colors and opened to show the contents

Smell-Proof Rolling Kit from Revelry Supply. The designs are amazing and this handy kit has everything you need to roll up, from a grinder to a tray, all while fitting discretely in a backpack. Honestly, just tuck it under your car seat and tell everyone that you and Cousin Amber need to go run for more cranberry sauce. But don’t tell your cousins that its an iPad case, because then they will spend all night asking to play Fortnite on it. Trust me.

For step two of your plan, concealment is the word of the day.

First of all, no conversation about concealment would be complete without mentioning Puffco's contributions to the genre.

Puffco Budsy shown in three colorways along with a view of the open top to reveal the bowl and mouthpiece

Both Budsy, a water bottle-shaped bong (above), and Cupsy, a coffee cup-shaped bong (below), are perfect if you need something a little more heavy-duty than a chillum that won't catch anyone's attention unless you exhale in their face after taking a rip--I mean, A SIP, wink wink, of water. Or coffee. You get the idea.

Puffco Cupsy shown from the side and from the top to reveal the mouthpiece and bowl

And of course, that pesky smell is a tell-tale sign, and you can only write it off as a new perfume to curious and naive relatives once or twice. Even the least hip parent will raise an eyebrow if you keep insisting,

"That's just incense, I don't know what you're talking about."

(Galaxy brain mode: "Huh? I don't smell anything.")

Before and after your sneaky sesh, you are gonna want to make sure your secrets stay kept. Smell-proof, airtight containers help you transport your goodies past prying noses and some good smoke filters mean you can duck into your old childhood bedroom and relive high school memories with your bored siblings. But like, without scrounging up any rubber bands or dryer sheets. If you know, you know. Smoke spray is perfect for freshening up on your way into the house and keeping you under the radar for all of family dinner.

Weedies Natural Breakfast Buds orange glass stash jar

Weedies Airtight Glass Storage Jar. Featuring a metal-hinged lid with a colored silicone seal to keep the interior airtight, this small jar is a great option for bringing in something loud to share or to enjoy all by yourself. Try the Time Capsule Storage Device for an even stealthier stashing.

Smokebuddy Junior personal air filter in teal.

Smokebuddy Junior Personal Air Filter. Perfect for keeping the smell down and second-hand smoke away from friends and family. It is as easy to exhale odorless air as breathing out through the mouthpiece. These high-quality air filters include a cap so that you can keep your filter stored away and safe from debris until it’s time for a smoke sesh.

Ozium Air Sanitizer. When it comes to eliminating unwanted odors, no product does it better than Ozium Air Sanitizer. The powerful formula is especially good at removing smoke odors from the air and with a travel size of only 0.8 ounces in a can - totally stashable in the pocket of your Pulsar hoodie - its the perfect freshener to use in any room of the house.

Of course, some folks don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, either with family or at all, for several very good reasons.

However, with many work places giving the day off, people often still choose to get together and celebrate a day together. A Friendsgiving, if you will. (Or perhaps... a Danksgiving. Our comrades in the pre-Black Friday in-person trenches, we salute you.) With that in mind, we've got some Pulsar supplies to bring your gathering to the next level.

Pulsar High Lights hemp leaf string lights shown lit up.

Pulsar LED String Light Set. Strings of holiday lights are the high-light of the season, so why not hang some that you can leave up year round!... without it being too tacky. Seriously though, and marketing pitch aside, these are great for setting the mood for a little hemptastic (bongtastic? shroomtastic? you've got options!) holiday party with friends and anyone else who isn't a square. Or a cop. 

Fleece blanket with Meditation design by Julian Akbar

Pulsar Fleece Throw Blanket (our pick: Meditation). This blanket is the perfect choice for that post-dinner afternoon nap. After enjoying both the green and the cuisine, you are gonna be tired. Go ahead, lay down on the couch and cover up with the soft fleece artwork of Julian Akbar. Sweet dreams, little prince. Not to be confused with "Good night, sweet prince," which would be a different vibe altogether. 

Two inflatable bongs

While you're letting your passion for propane bongs and propane bong accessories show, spruce up the place with a 3-foot tall Pulsar inflatable bong! #YOLO

This holiday season, don’t let the turkey be the only thing getting baked.

It’s stressful and chaotic to be spending so much time with your loved ones, but it’s also precious and worth it. So whether you are celebrating any part of the holiday season alone, with a few good friends, or with the whole extended family, go treat yourself to some holiday survival supplies and enjoy the time you have, while still getting to #EnjoyHigherCulture.

Have any funny stories about blazing it during a family gathering? Got a survival tip we overlooked that could be helpful? Let us know in the comments!

Jade Alexander and May Toropova contributed to this post.

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